Tuesday, 7 April 2020

RaspberryPi: Zero WH - Ethernet Hat

Waveshare Ethernet/USB HAT 
Following on from the Raspberry Pi Zero setup posting, this is the setup and configuration of the Raspberry Pi zero ethernet/usb hat.

As much as WiFi is handy nothing will beat a hardwired connection to a network.

There are a couple of Ethernet Pi hats kicking around, there is one with extra usb sockets and then there is one the has just and Ethernet socket on it alone.
GeeekPi Ethernet ONLY Hat

I opted to go for the Waveshare with the extra usb sockets, not that I currently need them but they could come in handy. Waveshare also comes with some m2.5 standoffs which will sit on top of the current stand offs and it also has the pass through header pins, so a possibility of stack another hat if needed.

Just to document that if going for the GeeekPi, in order to get it working, carry out the following:

1. Install the NIC module onto the raspberry Pi.
2. Connect the network cable
4. Edit the /boot/config.txt, and add the following parameter: dtoverlay=enc28j60
5. Then save the exit and reboot the raspberry Pi.

To enable the LAN/USB ports on the Waveshare hat.......

Connect a LAN cable to the Ethernet hat, from terminal type in


It should return 2 IP addresses, one of WiFi and the other from the LAN cable. This is assuming that the device has a WiFi connection to the router.

If all has gone to plan, and you want to disable the WiFi connection (and Bluetooth) of the device then go in to the config.txt file:
"sudo nano /boot/config.txt"

dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt #Disable Bluetooth

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